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Testimonials from Happy Customers

I got the excellent rope balls in Bible Hill in March.
My boxer really enjoys them.
— Karl-Erik J.

My dogs love their new toy!
— Carlo A.

Just wanted to let you know that our little Jack (Jack Russel/Chia mix) is certainly enjoying his new chew toy. Jack loves to chew and usually can destroy the dollar store knot in a day.
— Judy M.

My husband and I bought a ball from you folks this morning and our beagle/dachshund mix dog love it already! Thanks for the great product!
— Ruth F.

Thanks for the great chew toy. My daughter’s dog Shonna loved it. You were right, she chewed the rope handle off first. Kept her busy for hours.
— Judy S.

Greetings from Saskatchewan! We bought some dog toys from you while on holidays in Halifax. We should have bought more since they are quite the hit with our dogs and other family members dogs! Thanks so much.
— Heather F.

Hi, we were down today and purchased one of your balls (green) for our dog Diesel, he really likes it and won’t give it up. Thanks so much.
— Laura C.

Thanks for make our little guy so happy.
— John, Craig and Crosby

I bought a large green rope ball from you a couple of weekends ago at the Halifax Farmer’s Market for my brother’s black lab Freddy. Thanks again for the ball. He loves it!
— Sandra K.

I bought a couple of balls in April and my daughter’s dog loved them. I think it lasted a fairly long time considering how the dog loves chewing.
— Julia T.

I bought…the strawberry ball today. She usually takes a while to warm up to her new toys but she loved this one almost instantly. She is a 5 lbs Pomeranian Pekingese mix, her name is Little Bear. We are buying one for our neighbour’s dog before Christmas since he is so hard on toys!
— Shawna M.

I was in Halifax last weekend on the Disney Magic, where I picked up one of your toys for my dog Copley. He loves it! He hasn’t put it down and will drag it all over the house with him. He’s a crazy chewer and loves to ‘kill’ all his toys – so far so good with this. No fraying at all! Thanks so much for making such a great toy!
— Heather C.

Marley…loves it. It never leaves her side and she has had it for 2 weeks now! Normally, she would have a toy destroyed in about an hour. Not this one 
— Natasha G.

My girlfriend and I bought two toys from you about a month ago at the Farmer’s Market and I just wanted to let you know our dogs (Boston terrier/bull mix, Drogo and the white huskie/lab/akbash, Ghost)love them. Hopefully, we’ll see you at the market again so I can pick up some of the throwing ones with the loops. Thanks again!!
— Kyle & Amy

I was at the Halifax market in September with my daughter and boyfriend. My daughter who lives in HRM recommended the rope ball you make. She has one for her Valley bulldog. I purchased one for my border collie Lexi. Although it’s a little hard for throwing she loves it and has not been able to destroy it yet. Thanks for the fun, hand crafted dog toy and made in Canada too!
— Cynthia C.

My husband and I bought one of your toys when we were in Nova Scotia in August. Rudy our Staff/Lab cross destroys all toys within about 1 hour. Well you guaranteed your’s would last. We knew it wouldn’t but don’t worry we are NOT complaining!!! It lasted longer than anything else Rudy has ever had, about 2 months and she also loved it! Also, her teeth were the cleanest ever.
— Maureen M.

Lexie, a 5 and a half month old Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso mix enjoying her new toy that I purchased today! Was an instant hit! Thanks so much.
— Carye L.

We purchased one of your toys earlier this fall…This has become Shadow’s favourite fetch toy. She’ll play fetch with her regular ball for 6-7 throws then lose interest but with this toy as soon as we pick it up she’s ready to go again no matter how many times it was thrown previously. She even gives it back easier and faster so she can go again. Great product!
— Linda S.

Just thought I’d let you know our dog Willow loves her new toy!
— Erin M.

I bought a neon green medium ball from you on Sunday in Moncton. I am the woman who has the Chihuahua that tears up her toys. I have to say she hasn’t let go of it since I gave it to her. She loves it, lol. I’ll let you know if she tears it up, lol. Thanks her name is Ekko and she is 7 lbs,15 years old.
— Denise B.

Buddy is enjoying his Johnny Zee’s Only! hand crafted dog toy in Slave Lake Alberta. Thank you Johnny. There has been quite a bit of interest out her with the other dog owners looking to get their own. Perhaps we could swing a deal and I could be your “western” distributor.
— James, Aimee and Buddy

I tried to take a still but she wouldn’t stop playing with her great new toy! Nice to meet you today. Thank you for the great product! See you again for sure.
Susan R. and Lady (1 year old Black and Silver miniature Schnauzer)

Darcy loves playing with her new ball!
— Whitney C.

Bella loves her new toy! Thank you!
— Sophie M.

Thanks guys!!! You made one pup extremely happy this Christmas.
— Mike W.

Louie loved the Christmas present from my sister Alison.
— Maureen C.

Marley absolutely loves it! Thanks for a great toy!
— Michelle & Sid

A couple of weeks ago I was visiting my brother in Halifax and while I was there I bought one of your dog toys for my dog Sunny. She loves it! Sometimes she grabs it by the end sometimes by the ball and sometimes right in the middle. Lots of shaking it around, prancing along proudly with it. She’s pretty tickled and has a great time playing with it. Thanks so much for making such a solid dog toy! I’m looking forward to seeing how it holds up
in the coming months.
— Lindsay H.