About Johnny Zees' Only

Hand made in Pictou County, Nova Scotia Canada

Dog Toys Designed for Years of Healthy Interactive Fun

Our toys are some of the toughest on the market. They are “Tough as Hard Tack”. We make our toys by hand, one at a time, using premium North American material.

Johnny Zees’ Only dog toys are designed for healthy interactive fun and exercise with your dog. We like to say, “We make Dogs Happy!”

There is nothing holding our toys together but the design of the knot. All our toys are colored with Kool-Aid, yes Kool-Aid! Strawberry, Orange and Lemon Lime no industrial chemicals used. The color is stead fast and will not stain carpeting or clothing. Dogs will love the texture and the easy-to-grab surface.

Toys for Dogs of All Sizes & Play Styles

We make two products in two sizes in three different colors. A regular ball (tennis ball size) for medium to small sized breeds and the large ball (softball size) for the larger breeds. The balls are great for playing in the backyard or for chewing around the house.

We also make a throw/tug toy. This also comes in regular and a large size. Tug toys are great for throwing in the park, as a training aid or reward it also makes for a great tug toy. Tug toys are designed to be used under the owner’s supervision, if they are left unattended, your pet could chew through the handle quite quickly. If the handle gets chewed through just cut off the excess rope at the base and you have a ball. The knot will won't come undone. Please put away the tug when you are done playing with your best friend.

Built to Last & Easy to Maintain

Johnny Zees’ Only dog toys are a snap to maintain, just give them a little haircut (trim) with scissors as they fray. To clean just put them in the top rack of the dishwasher or throw them in the washing machine with dark colors.